Monthly Quest

Monthly quest is, as the name tells, a prompt that changes at the 1st day of each month. You CANNOT take part in the past monthly quests, but you can take part in the current month's quest as many times as you wish! Taking part in the quest earns extra FP for every Kuku in the picture, and you have a chance to roll for the special familiar, background or item of the month!

Do note that the monthly reward is given only for the person who posted/drew/wrote the picture/literature, and it is not rolled for each kukuri in the picture. In cases of collaborations, you are required to link the collab partner clearly to the description of submission, if they are the one posting the submission for roll. However, one submission can be rolled only for one person, so if you both wish to have loot rolled, you're required to complete two collabs.

Always link kukuris into description! Failing this might result for no FP getting rewarded.

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The last day to submit, is the second to last day of the month.
Corrections have one month after the end of the quest to be submitted


Art Requirements
1) Fullbody: at least 75% of one kukuri showing; colored and shaded.
2) Background: At least 3 distict elements (not counting the ground or sky). Background must be shaded and colored.
3) Clearly following one of the given prompts (you may provide us a explination in the description).

Liturature Requirements
1) 900 words: An additional 200 words are needed per extra kukuri
2) Kukuri present for at least 75% of the Liturature
3) At least 50% of the story is focused on the prompt.

Current Quest

Show your Pride

Every year, throughout the month of June, we celebrate love and diversity. We celebrate shes, hes, theys, gays, no matter who they love or not. No matter the color of their skin, what they really are and feel matters.

So of course our beloved community and Kukus celebrate aswell! So gather up, show us your colors, show us whoever or whatever means the most to you!

Choose one of the colors and express, enjoy and most importantly spread love and kindness!
There are 8 prompts to pick from, all relating to colors from the pride flag. Remember to state the color you chose when submitting!

Each entry has a 70% chance to be rolled for any of the following:

Etherical Rock

Allows same sex Kukuri to have a single pup. It also ensure a safe breeding inbetween Miniatures

Celestial Rock

Allows same sex Kukuri to have 1-3 pups. It doesn't ensure a safe breeding inbetween Miniatures.

Pixie Rock

Allows miniatures to breed with non-miniatures.

This year, we are also including something a little different! Perhaps you want to do something more relaxed?
Join the official, kukuri-arpg pride collaboration!

Click here to learn more!



Enjoying life with the ones you love the most, may it be your mate, a family member, or a dear friend, is the greatest - Draw or write your Kukuri expressing their love and appreciation for someone dear to their heart, spending some quality time together.


Healing from wounds, both mental and physical, takes a lot of time. But like any journey, a helping hand along the way can make all the difference in the world! Draw or write about your kukuri being supported by or supporting a friend in a troubling time.


The world is alive around you and seeking to survive just as much as you. Sometimes one must take a step back to observe, and appreciate, the energy that resides within it. Draw or write about your kukuri experiencing the vitality around them. Maybe they are observing a small creature in it's daily struggle, or seeking wisdom from ancient trees?


Sometimes the only way to escape one's troubles is to return to the roots; back to nature. Taking in all the beauty around oneself can do wonders for a troubled mind. Draw or Write about your kukuri returning to a safe haven in nature. Perhaps that is a small stream, a fairy ring, or a field of beautiful flowers?


One of Life's greatest joys is creation. Art, sculpture, a smiling rock ... There's an artist hidden deep inside everyone, time to bring it out! Draw or write about your kukuri creating something artistic. Maybe a special tower of rocks, or even some paint on the coat of a friend?


It is important not to take things for granted. If you are thankful to somebody, or just for what life gave you in general, now is the perfect time to express it! Draw or write about your kukuri expressing their gratitude. Maybe to someone in particular, or just to the world. Perhaps your Kukuri comes up with a thoughtful gift, or a silly dance?


We all are different and wonderful the way we are. But everyone can do things others may not be able to. Draw or write about your kukuri helping their friends out. Maybe an Aerial helping their common friend fly, or a prairie hunting for their tiny mini friend?

✿ White / Pink / Sky Blue - SELF DISCOVERY

Sometimes what you are and feel on the inside, doesn’t reflect on your outside at first. It takes time to accept what you are or turn into the one you really are. Draw or write about your kukuri discovering their true self. Maybe they were born without the wings they always felt they needed? Maybe they are born with the wrong gender?

Show your Pride collaboration

Inspired by Welldips's previous pride collaborations!

In previous years, the community has come together to show their pride across collaborations. This year, we do it all together, as a group, and as a community.

All you need to do for this collaboration is create a fulbody pagedoll of your kukuri sporting the pride colors or flying the pride or ally flag. They can fly your flag, or maybe your kukuri themselves have colors to show? At the end, the entries will be gathered up and added to a background.

1) Fullbody: 100% of the kukuri showing, colored and shaded.
2) Transparent Background
3) Show your kukuri flying a pride or ally flag, or wearing pride colors

You may collaborate with another player. Both players will get the award for partaking. Collaborations only need to be submitted ONCE by one party. You are allowed to include handlers or other friends with your kukuris as well!

All players who enter will recieve a Etherical Rock for partaking

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