Fate Points and Skill Points

Fate Points (FP) are a way to follow your Kukuri's path to maturity and their experience in life. It's used to unlock new skill points and breeding bonuses, not to mention some other things.

Every time your Kukuri is involved in a picture or story, done by you or someone else, you're eligible to get points.

Below are the amounts of FP you can get depending on the artwork.

How to count:
Images -- Literature -- Bonuses

Learn about Ranks

New Trackers and Moving Trackers

Every kukuri you have will need to have an FP tracker in order to start their journey towards higher ranks. But dont worry, Trackers arent hard to make or manage... we do however do trackers a bit differently then other ARPGS, so please read our How to make a Tracker guide for more information!

What happens if you bought a kukuri with already confirmed FP?
This one is also done a bit differently! We will move ALL the points from the old tracker to your new tracker for you! This is easier on our counters so please do not move large amounts of art yourself (you might loose points in the process too)! Instead make a blank tracker and let our admins move the art for you! We call this a Bulk Upload

Ready for counting?

Awesome! Take your tracker over to our status updates page (linked below) and wait for an admin to come along and count your tracker! They will correct any wrong totals or bonuses so dont be worried about getting something wrong! Afterwards they will confirm your counted total of FP and grant your kukuri their new rank, slots, and tell you of any other bonuses youve unlocked!

Count a Kukuri's Fate Points

Some things to Remember

You MUST link all kukuri in the description of your artwork or literature. This includes Starters and official group NPCs! Failure to do so might result in denial of points!

The minimum size for any submitted image is 300x300 px. Any smaller will be considered pixel art.

The minimum size for a kukuri in any image is 150x150 px (unless pixel art). Any smaller might result in denial of rolls or halving of points!

Backgrounds should be semi complex in order to count. This means 3 unique elements need to be present, this does not include the ground or the sky planes. (see below for more detail)


We encourage improvement, practice, and individuality in art and literature! Creating the same pose or background over and over again might result in removal or halving of points. This is not as a punishment, rather to encourage you to try new things! Learning is done through practice afterall!
Heres an example of what to avoid!

As per our rules, artwork and writing must also be your own work. Tracing or plagiarism is not permitted and will be denied outright. Photos are not acceptable backgrounds or elements either. We permit paintovers but none of the original image should be remaining after!

Headshot vs Fullbody

How is FP awarded for Images?

Each image is broken down into "base", "color", "shades" and "background". For each category your image meets, you'll gain more points! For more details about each of these, read below!

The start of your kukuri drawing! The mere fact they are on that paper! Be it lined art or painted. However, if it stands alone, at minimum there should be a defining feature! Traits should be clear (horns, ears, mutations , mods etc), as this will help us identify your kukuri and if your kukuri has no visible marks or traits in this range, please at minimum supply an eye color!

B&W, monochrome, and color palettes can count as colored, but markings should be done to the best of your ability and must not be lighter/darker than they are on the import (for example Snowflake should not become darker than base coat).

The shades need to be visible more than by just squinting, and more than a little shadow under the chin and tail, for example. Cell, soft, and cross-hatch are all examples of shading!
Backgrounds should have at least 3 elements! Simple gradients, flat color ground and sky may yield 0 points! An example for the bonus could be, a cloudy sky, a flower and brush covered field! (clouds, grass, flowers, trees etc.). We will compare to your gallery. Have a look at the kiwi images for what a basic bg could be! Kukuri needs to be ON the background!

For more rescourses on backgrounds, see these examples:
Elements, acceptable vs unacceptable: Elements need to be hand drawn or given hand drawn flare!

Brushes vs stamps: Brushes and stamps are ok, but be sure to not over use them! Parts of the image should still be made by your hand!

Background styles: We compare to your gallery, so dont worry about your particular background style! We dont judge style, we judge effort!

Below is the point breakdowns for headshots and fullbody images based on the catagories above! These stack together! Meaning a colored, shaded, lined fullbody is 7 FP!


Base: 1
Colored: +2
Shaded: +1
Background: +1


Base: 2
Colored: +3
Shaded: +2
Background: +2

Other Art mediums


3D Model (Digital)
Headshot base: 2
Headshot colored: +2
Fullbody base: 5
Fullbody colored: +3

Hand-made sculpture (wood, clay, pumpkin etc.)
Headshot base: 5
Headshot colored: +3
Fullbody base: 10
Fullbody colored: +5

Pixel art

When the Kukuri is 150px*150px or smaller, bigger pixel art counts for normal bonuses. Headshots are half the amounts.

Base: 2
Colored: +1
Shaded: +1
Background: +1

How is FP awarded for Literature?

Literature is counted via its total word count as well as the presence of a kuku throughout the story. Below is the breakdown of how to count literature, its rules, as well as some helpful tips and tricks!

Counting Literature

150 words is 1 FP. This means the word count divided by 150 is the total amount of FP a literature will gain. However there are some things to know about this, so read below for more detail!

Fully Present: This is when a kukuri is present in 75% or more of the story, thus counting as present for the full word count!
Total word count/150= FP amount

Partially Present: is when a kukuri is present for less then 75% of the story. These would be counted by how many words they are present in the story rather then the full word count!
Words present/150= FP amount

Literatures under 500 words long do not have partial wordcounts. It will be counted as Fully present.


4000 word story -
Kuku A is involved the whole time
Kuku B is involved 3500
Kuku C is involved 2000.

Kuku A and B get: 4000/150 = 26.6 = 27 FP
Kuku C is not present 75% so gets: 2000/150 = 13.3 = 14 FP


Always link kukuri in the description, and PLEASE name all non-kukuri characters that are also present, these can include other arpg characters, or handlers/OCs. It helps admins know who is who!

Literature Rules

Is there a minimum word count?
Yes there is! 200 words is the minimum length a story may be to count for FP.

Is there a maxiumum word count?
No! Write as much as your heart desires! However please consider splitting up a story if it gets super long.

My FP count came out as a Decimal, what do I do?
This is fairly common with literature FP counts as almost no word count will be right on a perfect 150 divide! This means you will round your FP total up or down depending on the number. A number ending in .01-.09 will round down (3.05 becomes 3 FP). A number ending in .1-.9 will round up (3.14 becomes 4 FP).

How are Roleplays counted?
Roleplays will be counted in the same way as a solo literature. If all kukuri involved are fully present, you will get full points for all of them!

I wrote a story to go with an image, how does that work?
You can place the story in its own literature, or easier yet, you may put it in the description of the image! It will get full points regardless of what you do. However note that the literature will not cause most bonuses to double or stack from the artwork!

Other bonuses

There are a number of bonuses that can be applied to images and literatures alike. Below is a large list of all of our bonuses.

Not all bonuses count for literatures, so be sure to check if it does should this apply to you!

Overall Bonuses

See individual bonuses for literature applicability

Personal: +2
This bonus DOES apply to literatures
This is a bonus which only applies to your Kukus drawn by you.

Collaboration: +1
This bonus DOES apply to literatures
This replaces the personal bonus. All artists taking part of the collaboration are eligible for this bonus.

Comic: +1/4 Panels
This bonus does NOT apply to literatures
The panels must be meaningful, and have either a Kukuri or background/character with effort in it. Re-used panels/backgrounds do not count towards this bonus, likewise panels which do not forward the story at all (for example a leaf falling). Won't apply if the comic has 3 or less panels.

Possible Negatives

These can apply to both literature and images

Over Simplified: 1/2 total points
If we notice a difference in your works compared to what we are used to seeing we may review your recent gallery! In some cases, the entire total may not be halved! For example, if backgrounds start to lose too much detail that elements start to vanish, we might only halve the BG points. However, a consistent trend of lower quality or rushed artwork may result in your image not receiving full FP or counting for ARs/Trainings/Events.

Re-used Details: 1/2 total points
If the art is both re-using a base and is simpler than the artist's average art, points get halved twice. Re-used can also be applied if poses are consistently too similar over many submissions, referring back to the notice at the top (sometimes it is only applied to part of an image, not all, like if a bg is repeated but the poses are unique).


These do not count for literature

Animation (simple): +1
For example blinking, glowing, moving up and down

Animation (average): +4
If its only One body part moving, for example tail wagging, simple head turns, then the bonus is +2

Animation (complex): +2 per unique frame
Anything higher up than average animation. If there's only one body part moving in complex ways (head, for example), the bonus is +1/unique frame.
Non-colored animation is half the points!

Animation (Stop Motion): +2 per 10 unique frame
with photos and a crafted object (plush/clay/wood, etc). If there's only one body part moving in complex ways (head, for example), the bonus is 1/10 unique frames.


These do not count for literature

These items do NOT need to be on the kukuri's import (with the exception of Elemental armor). It can simply be drawn within the image.
Armor/Tack: +2
Tack is gear: Things like saddles, harnesses, cart hitching gear and so on, but clothes not. Counts only for the kukuri wearing it. Overrides accessory bonus. If very minimal in coverage (like only the bridles) bonus is +1

Accessories: +2
See FAQ at bottom of page for Kiwi Examples coverage!
Smaller sized accessories are +1. Cloaks and capes alone may be +1 even if large in size as it's too close to just a blanket.

Elemental Armor: +3
Overrides Tack/armor.
Counts only if the kukuri has APPLIED elemental armor!


These bonuses DO count for literature

Coliseum: +2
For Battles or Racing, this applies only to rolled kukuri. (background characters do not get this bonus). For the Beauty Contest: Any kukus present that are helping or partaking in the contest image may get this bonus!

Carnival of Life: +3
Only applies to kukuri(s) that are rolled for the CoL battles. Background characters do not gain this bonus!

Festival of Death: +2
If a kuku has participated in a rolled event image, they get this bonus! All kukuri's who fit the visibility requirements get this bonus.

Activities: +2
Only applies to kukuri(s) that are rolled. Background characters do not gain this bonus! Activities should be rolled to gain this bonus.

Letters: +2
Kukuri should be around 75% visible to get this bonus. Link the letter prompt in the description for the bonus to apply.

Monthly Quest: +2
Kukuri should be fullbody to get this bonus, headshots will not get the bonus. Bonus will be awarded if the submission was successfully rolled!

Magical Mushroom: Varies
Bonus is locked to the kukuri who ate it & in the submission they must be the one effected. At max 3 mushroom prompts can be in 1 submission. Linking the prompt(s) in the description is required!
Art must be Fullbody/Color/Shade/BG. Literature requires 1000 words, + 200 words per extra prompt included. (Min Requirement of 1400 for 3 effected kukus).

Click here to consume a found Mushroom

Tribes: +1
When your kukuri is shown in the same image as a tribe member. Tribe members also give other beneifits to each other that you can read about here.

Other Characters

See individual bonuses for literature applicability

Bonded kukuri: +2
This bonus DOES apply to literatures
Applies if a kukuri has been bonded to another, and is depicted with their bonded partner (fullbody, colored and shaded). This bonus is not retroactive, it will not apply to already confirmed images.

Familiar: +1
This bonus does NOT apply to literatures
Must be at least 50% visible The bonus stacks for each familiar drawn to the picture, but only if they are applied to the kukuri. Drawing multiple same familiar on same picture stacks the bonus only if kukuri has that many same familiars applied.

Handler: +2
This bonus does NOT apply to literatures
Must be at least 50% visible, and at least 150px in size. Guardians do not get this bonus. This bonus does not stack, but will apply to every kukuri in an image (even if the kuku is wild)

A handler may be another ARPG creature if it meets the requirements to count as one

Other arpg species: +1
This bonus DOES apply to literatures
Does not stack. Must be at least 50% visible. Link the arpg species' import or group in the description for this to count. See FAQ for more! See the list of ARPGS we've encountered and if they count for this bonus here
Disclaimer: Kukuri does not define what an ARPG is, these listings are purely for the purpose of moderating Fate Points and need some standard to go by! We do not claim any groups to be or not be ARPGs simply based on this list!

Other Kukus: +2
This bonus DOES apply to literatures
If lacking color or shading, bonus is only +1. Needs to be at least 50% visible, and not owned by you. Stacks max 5 times/picture, and the kukus must be clearly interacting with each other instead of just hanging around the same canvas but different pictures.
In literature, must be involved a minimum of 500 words

Mascot privilege (Kiwi & Kiki): +2
This bonus DOES apply to literatures
Gives +2FP to the Kukus owned by the artist when drawn with Kiwi 100 or Kiki 13239. This bonus is given on top of the Other kuku bonus. Must be visible 50% and If both are shown enough when featured together, at this time, that means +4


What exactly do all those points get you? Well your kukuri's art and stories are their journey... they start with nothing, knowing only the nest and those closest to them... but as they grow, they will learn. Eventually with enough hard work, your kukuri may find their place in the world and meet those within it... they may learn new skills and gain new friends.

When your FP is confimed and counted by an admin, you will be granted new bonuses based on the amount that was confirmed. Make sure to keep the comments of these confirmed counts for proofs relating to SP update.

50 FP

You are on your way to become something big, and you've earned your first skill point.

+1 SP

100 FP

The experience has shapen your path, and those around you start to see it; youve acquired the rank "known".

Mates wont turn you down, mutations might override this. (empty nests are still possible)
+1 SP (2 SP total)
+ 5 Breeding Slots (10 slots total)
• You may now apply up to 2 Familiars

150 FP

You're on a good roll, and have been promoted to the rank Zeta

• When bred to another zeta or higher ranked kukuri, you will have no empty nests (mutations might override this).

+1 SP (3 SP total)

200 FP

The more you learn, the more there is to learn - it'll only get harder from here! You've been promoted to rank Delta.

+1 SP (4 SP total)

+ 5 Breeding Slots (15 slots total)

300 FP

As your experience grows, the others start to respect your power. You've been promoted to rank Gamma.

+2 SP (6 SP total)

• You may now apply up to 3 Familiars

400 FP

You've been promoted to rank Beta.

+2 SP (8 SP total)

+ 5 Breeding Slots (20 slots total)

500 FP

Congratulations! You've been promoted to Alpha!

+2 SP (10 SP total)

+ 10 Breeding Slots (30 slots total)

• You may now apply up to 4 Familiars

From now on you'll receive +1 SP for every 100 FP.

750 FP

You have seen the world and found your place. You've been promoted to Blessed.

+1 SP (13 SP total)

+ 10 Breeding Slots (40 slots total)

1000 FP

Not only the world, but you've experienced the life of those living on it, seen it's wars and it's peace. You've reached the status Arisen!

• You will no longer produce empty nests, regardless of what rank youre paired to
10% chance to roll a 4 egg nest
+1 item for all AR types (for kukuri's owner only)
+5 SP (21 SP total)
• You may now apply up to 5 Familiars

Beyond Arisen

Arisen isnt the end of your kukuri's journey, they can go much further beyond.

For every 100 FP you get +5 breeding slots and +1SP. For every confirmed 1000 FP your kukuri will bring back +1 item from activities (max of 5+ items)!

Heres a handy sheet for slot totals and SP totals (this includes Miniature Slot counts, which are different from normal kukuris)

Skill points

Every Kukuri starts their life with three basic attributes, strength, defense and speed. When they're born, these skills are at 0. When you reach certain amount of fate points you may unlock a new skill point, which you can then decide on which attribute you put it on - choose wisely, as different attributes improve your chances in different events and competitions!

A kukuri can have max 30 skill points in one stat, and they can further be improved only after all the stats are at 30.

Skill points are potentially inheritable. A parent which has 10 skill points (and every 5th afterwards is also rolled) has 10% of chance of passing a +1 bonus on that skill what the parent is potent at!