Rules and Terms of Service

By joining the group you agree that you have read and accepted these rules outlined in this journal.

Ground rules

1. Treat everyone with respect and kindness.
This is the first and most important rule... its the one you always hear, treat others as you want to be treated. If you or someone you know is being harassed about Kukuri-arpg related things, please send a note to to the group or one of the admin accounts as soon as possible. Your privacy will be respected and you will remain anonymous, however we do need evidence of harassment to be provided.

Likewise, if you have trouble with any of the admins, report to Unikeko and explain the situation with as much evidence as possible. The matter will be internally investigated and you will remain anonymous to the wider admin team.

2. Racism, offensive, abuse, bullying or hostile attitude against admins or other members will not be tolerated.
However, as this is the internet, do realize that there will always be someone somewhere who will say something that needles your side. Once or twice we all slip up, and that can be solved with an apology. However, repeated offences will be taken seriously.

Warnings, Playtime Suspension and Membership Termination/Banning
Depending on the situation you may receive a warning, playtime suspension, or receive a permanent ban.
You can receive warning two times for the repeating offenses. On third warning, you'll either receive full ban, or 3 months ban from the group and you'll have two weeks of time to rehome your kukuri. After the two weeks span passes, the kukuri owned by you will be claimed by the group. The kukuri will not be put in adoption nor given to another member - they will remain untouched by the group after the ban.
If you receive 3 months long ban, you may come back if you wish and get back one of your group claimed Kukuri - but no more than one. You will not be eligible to adopt from the adoption center after losing your kukuri.

General Conduct

1. Please do NOT contact admins privately with questions and queries relating to Kukuri-arpg unless given permission
Please consider that our admin team are volunteers and need their downtime, too! If you have any questions, please direct them to either to our FAQ page, note the group, or consider joining our Discord server where we frequently communicate with and offer help and assitance to members.

Please do not contact admins privately of concerns regarding other members, they should be noted to the group. Be aware that issues are always handled as a team, and answers never reflect only one person's opinion. If you have contacted an admin via DM about any issue, they might ask you to forward the issue to the group notes and this request must be honored. If an admin has once given you a permission to bring something to DMs, no not take it as an automatic acceptance for next issues later.

Blocking admins is forbidden as it would hinder our ability to work - we don't work around the block using other accounts.

2. We are currently working to a 2-week turnaround time.
That is, we try to ensure all requests are fulfilled within 2 weeks of their posting date. While we generally try to be faster, we ask members don't ask admins when their request will be answered prior to the 2-week wait time as this can add unnecessary pressure to the team. - We are but gentle creatures!
We also ask members have an understanding that more active areas might be slower at certain times of the year. Real life impacts us all and this can effect how our queue wait times look!

Design and Import Rules

1. You may not trace any designs of another Kukuri.
Kukuris have a wide range of markings, and we courage people to strive for uniqueness. While you are allowed to get inspired by other designs, even by few parts of them, the whole design should still be unique and not look exactly like some other design.

2. You own the design
As such, are free to re-use it for other purposes, but members do not own the species or the import itself. Kukuris as a species are ©Unikeko, so you may not sell a kukuri-looking replica of your old design outside of the group.

3. You may not post your kukuri Import to your own gallery or outside of DeviantART. This applies also to sites such as or ArtFight.
-Due to the current situation with DeviantArt and troubles involving journals, for now we allow official Kukuri imports to be used in Google Drive hosted Docs and Sheets. The imports MUST link back to the original Kuku-ri post.

Art Rules

1. Tracing is prohibited. This rule is absolute. However, we encourage members to use references to aid in learning and visualisation!

2. For literature, plagiarism is prohibited. This includes the use of AI, see rule 12 for more information.

3. We encourage learning, storytelling, and developing one's abilities, and thus if the images look like it's almost the exactly same as images before it/same scene, or like a continuous shot taken from frames of an animation (Example), they are awarded only half the FP points, and if the images are activities/event pics, no rewards will be rolled

4. Using reference is absolutely okay and encouraged. Reference helps you learn, just make sure to credit any resources you use! However, to avoid any bad blood, avoid using other people's art as your reference. Not only will you end up repeating their mistakes, but this is simple artist etiquette.

5. NSFW or otherwise mature art is accepted, but it must have the mature filter on and align with DeviantART's ToS. This means we do not accept blatantly sexual or pornographic images as contributions to group activities.

6. Furthermore, we do not accept: political art, no racism, no illegal sexual acts, and anything that seems to directly attack another member in a way or another.

7. No art or literature should be posted in If you do not want them in your gallery, drop them in your scraps. The only exception to this rule is if the original artist has deleted the art from their gallery and you are required to safe keep it in your stash.

8. Members are allowed to create a unique reference sheet of their kukuri but the reference must reflect the design on the kukuri's import; do NOT portray the kukuri having something it doesn't have such as a missing tail, different markings, a ruffle, etc.
9. When submitting art to the group, always link the imports of the kukuri's in the artwork/story in the description. Failing to do so might mean that FP or loot goes unrewarded because a kukuri cannot be identified!

10. Do not submit work of unapproved kukuris. Unapproved kukuris don't exist in the game and they can get the whole entry denied, no matter how many approved and uploaded kukuris there are with it. Once the kukuri has been uploaded on Kuku-ri, it becomes canonical.

11. For official events and activities (for example: events, monthy quests, activities, enamored etc.), kukuris who have magical abilities in their lore can only be shown using these abilities passively. For example, there can be icicles shown on a kukuri that represent its frost resistance or affinity to ice, but they can't be shown to create icicles; there may be flowers in their horns, but out can't be portrayed speeding plant growth. Likewise flying would be considered active ability but, for example, kukuri can be portrayed to be levitated by their handler, or floating in zero gravity.
Your kukuri may officially learn magic at arisen rank!

12. Artwork must be your own, tracing is not allowed. Photos will not be counted for background for any activity/event requiring it, and will not count for Fate Points. Paintovers are allowed, however there must be none of the original image showing through at the end. Images with photos showing through will be sent to corrections or not given Fate Points. In addition, AI Art is NOT allowed in any form in our group, be it for rolls, or Fate Points.

Breeding Rules

1. Your Kukuri must first complete their Basic Trust Training (BTT) before they can be bred or before breeding permissions (known as "slots") to them can be traded, gifted or sold, with the exception of slots sold in exchange for a BTT of the kukuri (see Breeding Rule 2).

2. Players must complete one of their kukuri's BTTs before they may trade slots for further BTT training for that kukuri.

3. If a kukuri changes owner before a breeding slot is used, the given slot will still be honored as long as the permission comment remains present in the breeding permissions thread. If there is something that the new owner is unsatisfied with, they can send a message to the group with their concern. However, first and foremost it is both the seller's and buyer's responsibility to tell and ask about all possible promised and used breeding slots.

4. You must honor the breeding permission's agreement; do not re-sell, trade, or gift the given slots without the permission of the slot-giver, even if it was something you bought or traded.
While you may add extra info when you give slots, be aware that members cannot impose additional rules outside of those listed in the form (e.g inbreeding, reselling, split). Admins also will not enforce extra rules written on, other than inbreeding. If you do not agree how people might use your slots any way, it is best to not to share them around to strangers.

5. You must not hide or decline slots given in the breeding permissions thread. If you wish to take back the given slot, contact the group with good reasoning behind the decision.
If the owner of a slot you gave wishes to return the slot, do NOT delete the comment containing the slot permission. Rather the slot owner should reply to the permission stating their intent to return it.

6. We urge members to try to come to an agreement about breeding disputes amongst themselves before approaching the admin team. The admin team is only able to settle matters where group rules or terms of the breeding permissions have been broken.

Advertisement rules

1. Only repost an advertisement once per day/24h to the group!

2. We do not approve people underselling their works.
The group has set a minimum price for fate points and activity rolls. At minimum an activity roll can be sold at 5$, if more kukuri of the same owner are included, every additional kukuri is +2,50$. For three kukus, that would mean full image is 10$.

General minimum price for art sold is 5$, but for pure FP and sheets with re-used bases, the minimum price for each FP is 0,50$. Meaning 1 FP = 0,50$, 10 FP = 5$, 25 FP = 12,50$ and so on.

3. When posting commission/art sale journal, we require mention of Kukuri-ARPG or Kukuri examples posted in the journal itself. This limits the group usage only in advertisement purpose for unrelated commissions

4. When posting ads on the discord server, make sure to read the sales channel rules! Failure to do so will result in your ad being deleted!

5. When selling an import, the PSD comes packaged with it! You may not sell the PSD seperately or for an additional fee. The only time you will not be expected to hand over a PSD is in the event that it no longer exists (lost, deleted, etc).

Misc rules

✿ More of a recommendation than a rule: Screencap all your sales and purchases, just in case something goes wrong. We cannot act without a proof. The same goes if you are harassed in any way; save links, save screencaps. An offhanded rumor will be ignored.

Co-ownership is not officially supported by the group. Only the owner officially listed in the import file has the legitimate rights for anything that is happening to the Kuku.

✿ If you wish to decease your Kuku for a reason or another, you may do that. The same goes for neutering, but do realize these actions are irreversible.

✿ If you wish to acquire blindness or deafness to your Kuku, you may - just remember to put a note about it on the message when you post the design approval. You will get the penalties what they cause, and these won't be inherited to any of the pups.
✿ You may only post advertisement journals once a day/24h, to avoid spamming the group. When you've sold, found, or otherwise closed the journal we recommend deleting it from the group to avoid any clutter in the sales folder.

You may not put place holder entries in any part of the group - whatever entry, design, breeding, trade etc. must be posted as finished thing. In case of a placeholder it will be skipped over for fair balance of everyone. In the case of place holders in events, it might result in your entry being entirely voided.

When changing your username, if in any shape or form you still use the old name or has used it within the group, mention it when dealing with admins and it is required. You should also get your bank name changed by using the name change thread in the ownership transfers journal!

When selling an import, try to avoid selling slots to said kukuri at the same time.