Tokens are a small award admins can grant players when they see an image or story they found to be an amazing show of skills or improvements, or maybe it made them laugh or cry. We wish to award the hard work shown by players who have made an impact through their art!

What do Tokens Do?

Tokens are bound to your DeviantArt account, meaning they cannot be transfered to other players. Instead they should be applied to a kukuri you own! Each token is worth 3 FP that you may freely apply to any kukuri.
It does not need to be the kukuri shown in the image or story where the token was awarded!

To use a token, you can simply comment the link to where you recieved it in to your chosen kukuri's tracker! You should place tokens in either a Tokens thread, or any misc thread your tracker has.
When adding a token to your tracker, you should At least link the proof that you recieved the token. This proof is the comment where you recieved it!

Once the token is confirmed and counted, the original comment will be marked as used:

When will I get a Token?

Tokens are handed out as admins see something that catch their eye AND have the time to do so. Tokens are not a common thing to receive, and expecting one or asking for one is not the right way to think about it! Harassing an admin to give you a token will result in a warning.

Tokens are meant for those that go those few extra steps or for those that give a little extra care in their stories, so never stop improving or trying!

Are tokens transferred when a kuku changes owners?

When a kukuri with applied Tokens is transferred owners, should the token have been confirmed as used, the FP and Rank from the token will remain with the kukuri. However the token itself will not transfer to the new owner.
This means if the token was NOT confirmed as used, the original owner may still use that token on another kukuri.

Can collabs get Tokens?

Collabs are eligible to gain tokens just the same as solo work. When a collab is awarded a token, BOTH players are able to use the token on a kukuri! The token will be confirmed per each player in the collab!

Admins: How to Give a Token

What to look for

ALL Admins may give out tokens!

If you come across a piece that wows you, you might think its worthy of a token! Was it above and beyond the player's normal quality? Maybe it was an amazing story filled with lore? Did it make you laugh?
Yes! These are all reasons to give a token!
Just make sure you KNOW the reason, as you should comment it when giving a token! It's always nice to point out what part of an image or story caught your eye!

Remember to check the comments before granting a token, it might already have one!

giving a token

When giving a token, use the below format and comment below the image/literature in question:

@/player (turn it into a tag)
The reason for giving the token. This can be as short or as long as you want, but there MUST be a reason.