Found a lost egg? Or maybe your kukuri has had their eye on another lately… whatever the reason is, this page is for all things related to breeding! Breeding is the main way to bring more kukuri into the game, but there is quite a bit to know about it… so let me take you though the details you'll need to know.

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Firstly, and most simply. Each user has a monthly breeding limit. You may breed kukuris 4 times a month or partake in 2 breedings posted by another player. This means in total, you can partake in 6 breedings per month.

Kukuri also have limited breedings in the form of slots. Every kukuri (save for minis) start with 5 slots and gain more as they gain ranks with FP!
To keep track of your breeding uses a month as well as your kukuri’s slots, you can utilize this sheet:
Kukuri Breeding Sheet

This sheet does not track promised but yet to be used slots. As this is the case, we recommend you keep track of all slots you give or use involving your kukuri.

Basics of breeding

Breeding is the main way to bring new kukuri into the game, it's how we have over 15,000 uploaded imports at this point! But how does it work in the framework of the game?

Breeding is pairing two kukuri, commonly male (rook) and female (dove) together. Their colors, traits and markings all have a chance to pass down to the resulting offspring. This means you can get anything between the two, this includes kukuri with no markings at all, or those will all markings the parents had. Some might have one parent's base coat, and another might have a combo.

However, while the basics of the concept are easy enough, that isn't all there is to this aspect of the game! Breeding is a rather in depth activity; below you will find several tabs with different topics related to breeding.

DO NOT QUESTION ADMINS ABOUT THE PASSING RATES OR PERCENTAGES. All public information is listed on this page. Additionally, we do NOT have a breeding roller for players to use or test pairings with.

How to Breed

Who can breed?

Not all kukuri can breed, and from those that can, not all can be paired together. So... who can breed?


Before any kukuri can breed, they must complete their Training or for Miniatures, Mini Training.

▶ A kukuri without training will be turned down by their partner and risk suffering terrible injuries.
▶ A kukuri's owner is responsible for making sure the kukuri has their training confirmed before breeding their kukuri or giving any slots.

▶If your kukuri is Blind or Deaf (including eyeless), you must complete Blindess/Deafness training in addition to Basic training.


In the event that you do not own the kukuri you wish to breed, you must have permission to breed it. This is in the form of slots.

▶ Slots must be posted into the appropriate Breeding Slot Permission thread for them to be valid.
▶ In a Split breeding, if a slot is not owned by the player posting the breeding, the other player must
reply to the slot stating the permission to be used in a split, as well as confirm its usage in a reply to the breeding.

▶ You may add extra details in given slots as a part of deals, however know that admins will not enforce additional rules aside from those already listed in the slot form (inbreeding, splits, etc).


What is an Enamored?

Enamoreds are simply, the two kukuri being bred spending time together. It can be a first meeting between strangers, a relaxing stargazing night with mates, or anything and everything you can think; just as long as the kukuri are not outright fighting each other.

▶ Enamoreds are required in any breeding that doesnt feature a starter, or make use of a "Gods Approval" Item.

▶ An enamored can be in the form of an Image or a Literature. They must be their own unique submission; they cannot be used or yet to be rolled Activites, Event images, Quests, Letter submissions, or any other rollable type entry.

▶ An enamored can be used twice for the same pairing. Bonded pairs have a slight chance to be permitted a third use on an enamored, IF the enamored is provided by the owner(s).

▶ If you make an enamored for someone else to use, state in the description that the player has permission to use the enamored in their breedings!

Always include all Kukuri Import links in art descriptions. Failure to do so may result in no roll and no FP!

Art Requirements

▶ Both kukus must be at least 50% visible, colored and shaded.

▶ The Enamored must have a semi-complex background (3 elements, not including the ground or sky).

▶ Size must be 300px x 300px minimum.

Literature Requirements

▶ 500 words minimum per pairing; Two pairings would need 1000 words.

▶ Pairing one kukuri with two others needs 750 words.

Other ARPG pairings are counted like kukuri pairings. This means having other arpg pairs in the same story as a kukuri one will need more 1000 words minimum.

▶ Each kukuri need to be present though 50% of the story

Breeding risks

Breeding does not come without its risks. There are situations that might result in no pups or injuried parents.


Inbreeding occurs when the same kukuri appears twice in the same lineage. This means the parent might also be a pup's great grand parent. This results in many negatives for the resulting pups, including mutations, infertility, or even death.

When checking a pairing for inbreeding, the last line on the parent's lineage can be ignored. This is because those kukuri fall off of the offspring's lineage, meaning it doesnt count towards inbreeding risk.
Unnamed Alphas count towards inbreeding. This includes Southern, Northern, Eastern, and Western alphas. If both parents have Southern male alpha 3, then inbreeding will be the result.

▶ Inbreeding will always result in at least 2 mutations. The first will be rolled from the inbred category, and the next will be from both the flawed and inbred categories combined. There is a chance for a 3rd mutation, as well as any randomly rolled mutation that might normally occur.
▶ Inbreeding might result in Infertile kukuris. This means these kukuri cannot breed, ever (except when a Infertile Egg is used.). This otherwise does not impact their ability to partake in the game.
▶ There is a chance for Stillborn pups to occur. This means they were born dead, and can not be used in game!


Kukuri only have a limited amount of times they can breed at certain ranks... exceeding this can harm the kukuri and even cause them to become infertile. Overbreeding occurs only when your kukuri runs out, and exceeds the amount of slots they have available. It is important to track your slots due to this!

▶ The first overbreeding accident your kukuri has, they will gain small and large scars. The large scar must be healed within a month or it will cause infertility.
If the Kukuri is bred a second time within 24h from the first overbreeding or while having the previous breeding’s scars, the Kukuri will be made infertile.
If the same kukuri is ever overbred again, scars or not, they will be made infertile instantly!

When overbreeding happens
Only the slot to overbred kukuri gets used when overbreeding happens. Other kukuri slots, enamored, monthly breeding slots or items/potions will not be used, unless it's the kukuri's owner who posts the breeding (split breedings included). In that case everything will be used up.
If you’re NOT the overbred kukuri’s owner, your slot permission won’t be used and will prevent the said kukuri to overbreed again. In case of overbreeding by using the old permission the breeding won’t be rolled and the permission won’t be used.


Ranks can have an impact on your breedings. They can be either positive or negative.

No Rank: If a no rank is in the pairing, there is a 10% chance of their mate refusing them... even when the mate doesnt reject them, it might result in a nest with 0 eggs.

Known Rank: Known rank kukuri will not be rejected by their mates anymore (Mate must be known or above), however they still risk producing no egg nests!
Zeta Rank: When bred to another Zeta or above kukuri, there is no risk of empty nests!

Arisen: Arisen is the highest rank, and thus even when paired to a no ranked or Known ranked kukuri, the breeding will be successful and nests will not be empty!



Kukuri breeds can all be bred together, meaning you may pair an Aquatic with a Common. However the resulting nest wont always be a 50/50 split between the two breeds bred together.

Breeds have the following odds
Common x Prairie: 1-75 Common, 76-100 Prairie
Common x Aerial: 1-70 Common, 71-80 Prairie, 81-100 Aerial
Prairie x Aerial: 1-70 Prairie, 71-100 Aerial

Common x Aquatic: 1-90 Common, 91-100 Aquatic
Prairie x Aquatic: 1-80 Prairie, 81-100 Aquatic
Aerial x Aquatic: 1-47 Aerial, 48-52 Prairie, 53-100 Aquatic


A Kukuri's traits pass based largely on its type and rarity.

Ears and Horns pass directly by their rarity. This means breeding a kukuri with a common horn to one with a rare horn, will likely result in common horned pups. The same rules apply on Feathers and Fins!

Tails and Ruffles can result in anything from no ruffle or tail, to even a rarer type! They have a chance to "upgrade" or "downgrade" their rarity upon being passed down... meaning a kukuri with maned, might have offspring with satin ruffles. This is a small chance of occuring!

▶ If the parents have Curly and Maned ruffles respectively, offspring that also get uncommon ruffles, will get either/or with the type being rolled 50/50. Additionally if a kukuri is born with a uncommon ruffle but neither parents have one, this is also randomly rolled, 50/50 between Maned and Curly.

Traits and SP

Some Traits and SPs can be inherited, just like mutations.

▶ Inheritable Traits can be found in this page.

▶ A parent which has 10 skill points (and every 5th afterwards is also rolled) has 10% of chance of passing a +1 bonus on that skill what the parent is potent at.

▶ Certain traits can impact breedings, normally these belong to starters. These are always non-inheritable!


Markings have a chance to be passed down, regardless of their dominance. Dominant markings do not promise it will be passed to offspring.

Markings (when one parent has the marking) have the following pass rates:

Common x none: 40% chance to pass the marking
Uncommon x none: 20% chance to pass the marking
Rare x none: 10% chance to pass the marking

▶ Breeding kukuri that both have the same marking, both increases the chance of the marking passing, and gives and chance that the marking will become dominant. Dominant markings normally have more allowances in designs and have higher chances of passing down in breeding.

▶ Dominant markings have a small chance to pass to the offspring as dominant, regardless of the mate's markings.


Mutations have a chance of occuring randomly as well as a chance of passing down from parents.

Random mutation chance will be rolled for each pup in a breeding, this means you might have litters with no mutations at all or some with each pup having a mutation. These mutations come from the random category and rarely can come from the flawed category. Inbred mutations only occur from inbreeding (save for Cerberus 9381, who can pass his spider and Orthrus due to a special trait he has).

Mutations can be inherited. This means with some lucky cases, you can get a pup that inherited their mutation from their parent, as well as had one randomly rolled. Meaning kukuri can sometimes have many mutations.

How to Post a Breeding

1. You gain slot permissions to two Kukuris with their training finished, or own two Kukuris with finished trainings.
2. You or someone else creates the Enamored picture/story. It doesn't matter who creates it, as long as the contents fit the requirements.
3. Fill the following form and post it to breeding requests as a reply to the comment thread you find on top of this page;

Dam: (Link to the female's import sheet)
- Permission: (Delete if dam owned by you)
Sire: (Link to the male's import sheet)
- Permission: (Delete if sire owned by you)
Enamored: Link to the picture (Not required if a starter is present in the breeding)
# of the month: Remember, 4 is the max per month, and you may be part in only 2 splits.
Is inbreeding present: (Last line of the parents doesn't matter)
How the nest is split: (For example does someone get first pick, is it split, etc.)
Split partner: (@/username of split partner if applicable, please delete if a full nest to you)
Familiars/traits/bonding: (Delete if none. Only ones related to breeding thank you, and which parent has it. Mutations, markings, skill points or ranks are NOT traits.)
Potion applied in the breeding: (You may use only 1 potion and 1 item per breeding)
Tagging: (Delete if none)

When filling the Dam/Sire, remember to write their full import names, IDs included.

When filling the "How the nest is split" part of the form, anything except full to the poster is seen as a split slot. If someone other than the poster gains something from the breeding by default, the breeding is seen as a split and will count to all parties monthly slot usages.

Admins are not responsible for following any additional member made rules set on the extra info part of breeding form. These are rules set between members and administrative will not interfere with them.

Do NOT use thumbs when filling the form. Using them will result the breeding to be skipped and it has to be re-posted.

4. You wait, and it's good to be mentally prepared to wait at least 2 weeks - while we try to be faster, sometimes other things get in the way. An admin will roll the breeding for you and post the results as an answer to your request. You may then decide to keep the pups, or sell, gift, trade, or donate to adoption center. When selling, gifting or trading, please post it as a reply to the admin comment as long as the geno isn't still designed. It can simply be "#2 sold to XXX".