News and Announcements

Semi-custom Raffle, Awards claiming close, AR updates

It's starting to get real hot outside, and while I'm sure some of us are roasting under the sun, I've got some fun (albeit quick) updates!

My favorite part of any event has come... raffle time! With the release of Aquatics, all semi-customs raffled going forward will start as prairies! Which brings me to the winners of these new semi-customs~
Congratulations to the lucky winners, you can find your proof here

With the raffle done, this means the Festival of Death Awards claims are closed! Thank you all who partook in the event this year!

Additionally, you'll need to forgive my lateness to rerolling this semi, but we had one more semi forfeited from the Aquatic raffle last winter. This rerolled semi goes to Qua-ttro! Hopefully you enjoy your new Aquatic. Your proof can be found here

The admin team has seen some changes in the last few weeks and with some sad news, Xenon-Amaki has left the team. We hope to still see them around the group!

Lastly, but certainly not least... Activities have gotten some fun updates.
--> Excavations now drop "Ancient Beast Skull (large or small)" rather than specific skulls.
--> All ARs now have a very rare chance of dropping their respective trait tokens! Thats right, Trait tokens are now obtainable in game after so long. This means in Traveling you have a small chance of getting a Discovery Expert trait token and vice versa for all ARs.

Thats all I've got for you for now. Carry on enjoying the sun and pride month. Im sure we have some fun things planned for the coming months so look forward to those!

Divine shop (with updates) is open, Festival of Death reward claiming got a deadline, new Beauty Contest theme and regular monthly update

My heart bleeds of the loss of old journal skin. That is why I've put making news, but now I can not delay it longer. There's a lot of happening and while we may loose something beautiful here in dA, we've added old news to our website! You can find them from the news archive!

The bi-yearly Divine shop has been opened for summer 2024! It is open from 1st of June to 30th of June and includes multiple semi-custom auctions and flash sales. There's been couple updates since the winter shop:
- Semi-customs have been updated to start as aerials now. They can be downgraded to common or prairie for more semi points or upgraded to aquatics using semi-points.
- Mokta familiar, Roses item, Suture Kit and Reskill Potion have been added to the shop!
- Limited Background Bundles include a choise to pick the new Graveyard of the Ancients background set.

Festival of Death event's award claiming opened already in last month, but they're still open for good amount of time if you weren't in our Discord to receive the news! The claiming will be closed 14th of June at 9PM of Finland's time. You can join our Discord server for proper counter when the claiming closes!

Beauty Contest has been concluded and given a new theme. Given that dA will break journal skins now when we try to edit them, we'll be moving Coliseum to our website at well. Once that is done, we'll also display the artworks of winners there, but for now you can see them here:
DuskRipper - Beauty Contest - Birds
JCShadowDragon - one with the flock
SynthOpossum - The Birds (1178 Words)
The new theme is Outlaws! *Big Iron plays in the distance*

Breeding is once again open, as well as Monthly Quest and Kukuri of the Month voting!
- Like usually, June is the Pride month, and we're happy to celebrate it here with our lovely fuzzy raptors! The prompt for the montly quest might be old, but we've added some spice to it with extra prompt! Now you can take part with a prideful pagedoll and in the end of the month they'll be collabed together to show off the whole community's pride! Check the last prompt on the Monthly Quest page for extra info.

- Kukuri of the Month's voting has been opened again, and the winner of June is Ano 13149, owned by NoxxScales! Congratulations! The winner of raffle price (10,000 Cr) is DubzPixelPaws!

I think that is all for now. We'll try to migrate more useful info to the website during the upcoming months, but for now we all can enjoy from the summer and the pride month. Be proud from who you are and live on!


Last week of Festival of Death, new admins, design approval slowdown and monthly update!

Woah, sorry about the news being delayed this much! I had to escape hectic life for a moment and now been dragged finally back on duties. Let's get started with the monthly update!

Last week of Festival of Death 2024 has started! We'd like to remind that like usually, reward claiming will open only after we've finished rolling all of the entries and all of the corrections. No matter how many times you participated, every person claiming their rewards will be added to raffle pool for semi-customs!

Admin team has experienced some changes during the last hectic weeks. Unfortunately as the life likes to throw curveballs at as, SqueakyArts has decided to step down from their duties. We hope to see them again in the future! However, from the latest application we've picked three new faces; SignlessCan and Forgana for the FP counting and Aleu10155 for the activity rolling! Please be patient with them as they're adjusting to our rules and methods!

Design approval is experiencing some lag due to irl busywork, and we do apologize for it. We've decided to change the limit and now you can only have one (1) design in the queue (instead of previous three). We'll hope this eases in the future when the life decides to let our admins out of its chokehold!
Design team would also love to remind that copying eyes, mouths, horns, free parts and such from the parents of the kukuri is strictly prohibited and considered theft (unless you own the said design). Remember to always credit the designers, so we don't need to send you to corrections for it!

Monthly update however goes like usually! Breeding is open, Kukuri of the Month voting is open again and Monthly Quest is still on hiatus. The winner of the voting this time was the hotdog Maya 9003, owned by PriestessShizuka! Congratulations! We'd like to remind that the voting works like a raffle nowadays and everyone voting will receive a reward based on the amount of votes casted! This is for example one of the ways to possibly win new aquatic slots out from Divine shop and occasional events!

Last have some art, since Beauty Contest was rolled and the winners are NoxxScales, DubzPixelPaws and whitewolf121! The new theme for the contest is Birds!

I think that is all of it! Now I must go outside since I've got some brand new idea that humans need sunlight in order to survive. Or at least feel a little bit better.


Festival of Death 2024 is live, new updates on the group rules, reminders from activity and FP counting team, monthly update and beauty contest winners! Remember, the admin applications close soon!

It is April once again, and you know what that means? It's time for Festival of Death! Death has requested us all to gather and tidy up the place as she is looking forward for Her dear sister to be reborn. Once again magic is free to be portrayed for all of the kukuris and we're looking forward of seeing all of your entries! Head to the website to read more!
Unfortunately due to dA's changing how the groups work, we are unable to add timer on the front page this year. We try to keep it up and running in the website however!

We're also updated couple rules around the group!
Terms of Service page got a new addition; If you are selling an import, the PSD comes with it! You may NOT charge extra for it or sell the file separately. The only time you are not expected to hand the PSD over is in the event that the file was lost or deleted!
Breeding rule #5 about slots got an extension; If the owner of a slot you gave wishes to return the slot, do NOT delete the comment containing the slot permission. Rather the slot owner should reply to the permission stating their intent to return it.

The admin applications are open, but only for a little bit! We'll close them at 15th of April, so if you desire to join our merry band of misfits as activity roller or FP counter, please send us an application found from here! We truly need your help!

Then as usual, couple reminders to ease everyone's life.
Activity rollers would like to ask that people avoid making just barely legal, small kukuris in the artworks. It makes them hard to judge and may subsequently slow down the queue! Making the kukuri bigger than 150x150 has always been a rule, but it doesn't mean it should be taken literally, hehe!
Groups are not the only thing dA has ruined; unfortunately we no longer can perform bulk countings for kukuris if their old tracker is stored in stash. It seems all of the images have been removed from the comments, and there is no really easy way to get them visible anymore (unless you've provided text links to each artwork or literature). If you have larger bulks, please remember to submit them to status updates in 100-200 FP chunks to keep the queue rolling and ease the work of our fellow admins.

Like usually, Breeding is again open, Kukuri of the Month voting is open and Monthly Quest has been put on hiatus until the event is over! The winner of this vote was the pie-loving Pardis 15195, owned by SpaceCinna! Congratulations!
If you wonder why they won instead of the kukuri who got more votes, the owner of said kukuri requested not to put their kukuri up as a winner.

Last but not least, Beauty Contest was rolled and the winners this time are PriestessShizuka, Luna-Amina and SpaceCinna! Take part to the new theme that is this time Camping!

We've got couple snowy days still here where I live and all I request is more warmth so it doesn't happen anymore! Let's hope the celebrating in Festival of Death would turn the world a bit towards the sun.


Monthly Update, MQ literature rule update, admin applications are open and couple design requirements

Spring is coming more near, but not fast enough in my books! Hopefully the upcoming month can keep people warm while the nature tries to decide if there should be more snow or more sun.

Like usually, Breeding is open, Kukuri of the Month voting is open and Monthly Quest has been changed! The lovely winner of this vote's was the colorful Aether 11281, owned by munarogue! Congratulations!
Monthly Quest has a theme today, as your kukuri becomes an archaeologist. Well, not quite. But it still has a chance to find a new bone-themed background set, Graveyard of the Ancients!
Please note that we've updated the requirement rules for all of the upcoming monthly quests! If you add more kukuris to the literature entry, you're required to add +200 more words for the entry to count! If your entry has two kukuris, it needs 1100 words, three kukuris require 1300 and so on.

We've updated the Injuries and illnesses page to include a link to our public scartable! It includes all injured or wounded kukuris, so you can always check if your kukuri requires healing and how much time you have until the effects of the said injury are causing further harm.

We're still looking for new admins to join the group, but on top of the FP counters, we're also looking for activity rollers now! Please check the requirements from here and send a note to Kuku-ri to apply, using a filled form found from here!

It's been long time since we celebrated Beauty Contest winners, so here you go! The winners of our last contest were ObscureShizena, jWobblegong and Seraphiinx! The current theme of the contest is Artists!

Last but not least, a couple reminders from our design approval department:
- With the updates to Candied gene, please mention somewhere which marking/s the Candied is effecting, if it's not obvious from the design.
- You're required to include semi-custom point breakdowns on the design. It makes it easier to judge if the math is correct.

And also also, the love couple Romeo and Juliet has left the lands once again to do... whatever they do in their freetime. The invoices for their slots will be hopefully sent out soon, we apologize for the delay!

Thank you, bye bye then!


CoL scars becoming reality and admin hiring is open!

Surprise, I bet you didn't expect me to appear so soon again! Well, these news are a little smaller than the previous one, but important still to break out.

First and foremost, kukuris who received scars from last year's Carnival of Life have been scarred! If your kukuri was not in import updates or in healing thread, they've received a scar. You can still craft a suture kit to remove them later! Remember though that large scars will still require stitches to be applied, otherwise the kukuri has 50% chance to catch a nasty infection whenever they're send to activities!

We've opened admin applications! If you like numbers, this position might suite you, as we're looking for one or two FP counters! Please check the requirements from here and send a note to Kuku-ri to apply, using a filled form found from here!

That's it, gotta go!


New Monthly Quest, New letter and updates to whole letter system, Reminders regarding scars, Kiwi's and Kiki's journey and One missing admin

Woah, it's been quite a smooth sailing in 2024! We only do news once a month if this continues. However, even these usual monthly news include some delicious updates, so continue reading!

First of all, the normal monthly stuff; Breeding is open, Kukuri of the Month voting is open and Monthly Quest has been changed!
Apparently the updates on KotM were wanted, because we've never before seen this many votes! The lucky winner is Maxima 15209, owned by FallingFireX! Congratulations!
Monthly Quest includes a brand new familiar, with a brand new mechanic! It is a spaaaace cat Mokta, who has small chance of bringing you a magical crafting ticket from activities! Those tickets can be used to replace items in crafting, so if that honey is still avoiding you, maybe Mokta can help you finally achieve it!
The previous item, Roses, has been added to The Shop! You can purchase it only during February, before it goes away!

Since it's February, and love is in the air, the good old couple is coming back to share the pink shades and syrup for everyone who watches them being lovey-dovey together! It is again possible to purchase slots for special starters, Romeo and Juliet! This is once again your chance to get magical unicorns and chimeras missing from your loaf!

We've introduced a new letter, a Seafarer's letter, obtainable same way than any other Activity letter. This one includes junk items, a misc collection of needed but often forgotten items you might want for crafting nowadays!
We also updated all letters to include small amount of Cr and we've adjusted the chances to roll higher value items to be better than before. This makes it more fair for the work you do to complete the prompt given!

Unfortunately the month is not all sunshine and rainbows, as ObscureShizena has decided to step away from admin team to pursue real life goals and focus on more pressing matters. They're still however welcome sight around the group and we wish everything good for their future!

And lastly, couple nice reminders;
- Remember that when you create artwork for our mascots, Kiwi and Kiki, the artwork needs to be unique to count towards the slot raffle! You can still collect FP for them through trainings and activities, but if the artwork is used in anything needing rolling or judging, it doesn't include you to the raffle.
- Remember to heal your kukuris, if they got injured in last year's Carnival of Life! Scars will be automatically applied on 6th of February, unless the kukuri is in the healing thread or in import updates.

I think this is all for now. Very exciting changes and it is also very nice to see activity raising as the year continues. We hope to see sun a little bit more and less snow storms please!


Major updates to bonding training, kukuri of the month voting, activity rolling, FP rules and breeding sheet wording!

New year, new things, exactly like we all like it! This year brings a lot of changes in to the game, but overall we ultimately stay the same at the end. Do I make any sense? Well, let me show you.

Bonding training can now be done with 3 kukuris instead of just 2. You're required to do one prompt of training for each and can 'fill' the existing bonding if so desired with one more training prompt. However, the FP bonus given to bonded kukuris doesn't stack, this is only to make polyamoric bonding possible for lore and for fun!

Kukuri of the Month has received some updates! We'll list only 12 last winners to deviantART, while rest of them are moved into a google doc for safekeeping. On top of that we've introduced a raffle for each month, and its prize depends from the amount of votes cast during the month! I hope this encourages you to vote for your favorite kukuri to the win!
Speaking of votes, the winner of the first month of the year is Tupsu 10428, owned by SynthOpossum! Congratulations!

Activity Rolls has been moved into comment threads like breeding and monthly quests! This ensures from now on that no activity is left hanging or forgotten by the admins and it is easier to keep an eye on the wait times.

Update on feathers and fins, when it comes to free coloring; nowadays you can have BOTH gradient and full filling on the feathers and fins.

We've also updated FP rules; from now on, if you lose a tracker or move it to yourself instead of letting admins to bulk it, you are required to break it into doable chunks for counting. This ensures we're not forced to use hours counting one single 1000 FP tracker from start to finish, thus leading more mistakes in counting. Thank you for keeping the work easier and faster for us!

Breeding form was modified slightly as many were unsure how monthly breedings are counted. Hopefully now it should be clearer: Number of the month: You may post 4 breedings per month, and take part in 2 splits posted by someone else.
Additionally, from now on, permission thread will be renewed every year to make it a bit shorter and less of a pain due to doom scrolling!

And last but not least, Divine shop has been closed! We're all so thankful for you supporting in mass this arpg once again and spread the genes of the new aquatics a little bit more!

Monthly Quest has changed! We're visiting a very old item, as this was supposed to be the first reward of the group, back in 2016! You're getting your fill of roses, that's for sure.

Aaaaand I think that is all for now! We're hoping that the new year will treat people better than the last one!


Varma claiming, admin holiday break, small reminders

Well now, how the time flies! It seems this may be the last news update we bring you all this year. And what a year its been! Im here to deliver some holiday cheer to you all, so read onwards!

Firstly, and probably most excitingly, this year's Varmas have been revealed! They look quite familiar dont they? You may choose between Hope or Redemption at this year's Varma claiming thread! Remember to claim your Solstice aurora background set with it! claiming will close on January 7th, 2024!

Our admins do have some small reminders and updates for all of you!
- Some starters have been given an update to have legal designs. We realize they are fun to look towards for design inspiration so have changed up some obviously illegal design aspects. However that being said, please remember to not reference Starters when it comes to designs or design rules, they arent always accurate to today's rules!
- Our very small website team would like to ask that any deviantart related journal errors be directed to the page errors thread, not the website errors thread!
- With the coming update to ARs, the activity bonus will only be given if an AR entry has been rolled! This means it needs the "rolled for" comment to get the bonus!

Lastly, as with any large holiday, the admins all have the choice to take the remaining days of the year off. They have travel plans and Family visits just the same as everyone! This means queues may lag a bit behind during this period; please be patient with any possible longer queue waits and allow the team to relax during this time!

Happy Holidays everyone! Remember to drive safely if you need to do any traveling! We will see you all in the new year!


An info update on raffle semi-customs and a reminder about breeding splits and monthly amounts

Hello again! We're in a halfway of the Divine shop semi-custom sales, so we decided to make a little heads up news! Mostly because we figured out something we forgot while giving out the raffled semis, and we want to fix it!

Initially the rule was to be that you must forfeit semis before December if you wish to purchase a semi-custom from the Divine shop, but it seems in the huge amount of things we had to announce this slipped by the cracks. To make up for this, you have until next semi sale (13th of December at 7pm/19:00 GMT) to forfeit your raffle semi to take part in the Divine shop semi-custom sales!

I also have a humble request from our breeding admins, who have been working hard lately thanks to new sub-species releasing; remember everyone to confirm your splits AND the slot permissions! Just because you both take part in the breeding isn't enough, we need the split partner to confirm the slot permission as well.
Also due to a general confusion about how many breedings or splits one can take part in, it was made super clear on the website Breeding page: every player can post 4 breedings per month AND take part in 2 additional splits posted by someone else. By posting a split you're NOT using your split "slots"! This means 6 breedings per month!
This will be updated and clarified in the breeding form when the new thread will open!

We're so happy to see so many aquatics swimming around already! Hopefully they'll establish themselves well as part of the current kukuri species, as their bloodline will proof quite interesting...


Official Secret Santa and activity (hunting, gathering, excavating, traveling) closure

So, we meet again.
Actually I'm here just with a smol news update! As we realized not every player is using discord, where we announce most of the things once they happen, we thought we really need to fiddle with dA's journals for the announcements.

First of all, the official Kukuri-ARPG SECRET SANTA 2023 is looking for beans to participate! However, it is open only until tomorrow, as sign-ups close in 9th of December, so hurry up if you want to be included!

Secondly, we'll be closing all activities (hunting, gathering, excavating and traveling) on 15th of December! This is because we're moving them as well to use threads like breeding and monthly quests, and it is fair to give admins some time to clear up the folders before that. If you have deals, please keep in mind that no loot rolling happens after 15th of December until we announce the opening of the activities after new years!

And lastly, overall activity in the group might slow down due to holiday season! As everyone is getting ready for celebrations, so does admins, and thus every admin is allowed to take last 10 days of December off! This means the queues might go over the usual 2-week wait time! Please let admins to enjoy their rest without needing to feel guilty about it, as they're working hard to keep the group rolling!

And now I'll disappear... LIKE A GHOST INTO THE NIGHT!


Information about the slots and eggs, Divine shop opening, a new admin and new monthly quest

Ah, December... I can excuse all of the Christmas decorations everyone has been put up since September now. With the new month comes the new monthly update, which includes a little bit more than usually!

First and foremost; those aquatic slots you've claimed from the rewards are now usable! Or, at least once breeding opens. I know you're itching already to get your hands on your own little mud pups!
Eggs have had their rates changed, so surprises might pop out of them. Despite the rarity changes the aquatics brought for themselves, for eggs the markings are for now counter as if normal kukuri for the sake of simplicity until we figure out a non-exhausting way to change it. Thank you for your patience!

Just like usually during this time of the year, we've opened the Divine shop for winter! Because of the new species release, some of the things have changed a bit. There's new items in, and we've upped the amount of semi sales so as many as possible of you may get the fish you like! All info about the shop is in our website, but the purchases are still send through deviantART's comment thread.

And the joyful news continue, as Zada2011 has decided to join the team once again in design department! Let's give them a warm welcome~

Kukuri of the month voting has been closed, and the lucky winner this time is Shadow 2087, owned by ShadowMagpie! Congratulations! The voting has been opened for the January of the new year!

Monthly Quest is back from its long break. Like usually, we are dedicating this month for the joy of giving and in exchange your kukuri can earn presents which then can help you to receive backgrounds or familiars you might've missed.

What a wonderful year it has been. Let us enjoy the last of it while we still can. I personally can't wait to dropkick 2023 already, but there's still much to be done first. See you all later!


Awards claiming open, semi-custom and slot raffle

So much exciting news this week! Hopefully it will slow down a little now. But, lets get to the exciting stuff shall we?

Awards claiming for the Carnival of Life is open! The awards claiming period will be open for a long period of time so dont worry if you dont have your choices figured out just yet. And, as normal, please remember the following when submitting for awards:
- Links to event rolls should be those found inside the comment queues, DO NOT post links to your entry!
- Link the starter you wish to get a slot to, failure to do so might result in people getting their awards slower, or being sent to the back of the line
- All slots to aquatics gained through awards are able to be used from December 1st onwards, no sooner!

And onto our raffles! We held two this year, A large, semi-custom raffle with 30 winners. And a raffle of a slot to each starter, making a total of 8 winners!

So without further adieu. We had 4 admins win a semi in this raffle, and so the total number of semis given out was lifted to 34! The winners of the semi custom raffle are: AkinaTakesora, Aleu10155, AlyOCat, Amatheos, Askila-Deamon, Badboylover94, CallunaDraconis, DareToBeChopped, Digi-Riff, Eulas, fine-spine, giat11, Geisterdrache, SynthOpossum, Jalohauki, LightPrentice, lilwyverngirl, Lim-ARPG, Lucja5, Luna-Amina, LunaKirran, MagicianManx, Mm3417, NiccaTales, NightRoseCreations, Noxeorn, Rockclanhawkstar, RoxyDeerArtz, Sakamerel, seepranne, ShadowMagpie, Unikeko, VulcanTheWulf, 1613999

You will all find your Semi-custom details and proof comment here

And now for the slot raffle! We had 5 admins win this one so the total was bumped to 13!
Just like with CoL award slots, you cannot use your slots until December 1st!

Moray 15001 - SqueakyArts, Crashfurs
Wraith 15000 - LIOTJeJAdventure
Leviathan 15005 - TheUnisieppari
Galadriel 15003 - Feral-Ringo-Zebra
Doomsinger 15002 - AdaMani7913, CelineDGD
Sedae 15004 - chiromoonguardian, SammytheStorm
Aether 15007 - DuskRipper, SpaceCinna, mmemma
Ouroboros 15006 - Scarlet-Harlequin-N

Your slots have been delivered! If you did not get a ping, please check the slot permissions thread!

Thank you all for the wonderful event this year! It will certainly be one to remember! If you are still pending corrections, dont worry we are still rolling everything as long as it comes in on time!

Now then... go forth and unleash the fish on the world. We've all looked forward to aquatics and I look forward to seeing what you do with them!


Website Launch, Aquatic imports, New Genetics, Page updates, Queue reopenings

News again? So soon? Why yes indeed, and I can tell you... its a BIG update. Stay tuned and read closely!

While Life has yet to be confirmed as defeated... I have to say you've all earned this one. After such an amazing effort in the event, I'm pleased, and very excited to announce the full launch of our website! is now ready for you to poke around and look inside! This comes with more then just a few notes.
- The site does still lack some pages such as Activates, crafting, bank etc. These are going to be ported over at some point later in time. For now they will remain on DeviantArt
- There WILL be errors, both major and minor. Please DO NOT ping us in discord about this (Your poor in-house coder needs some sleep). Please instead direct these concerns to the website errors thread
- This means many guides here on DeviantArt will no longer be updated. Please be sure you are using the website guides from here-on out to ensure you gain accurate information!

There were so many changes when moving things to the website... While basics will be listed here, for a more detailed view, please visit our Official Changelog

With the release of our website, I also have some news I'm sure many of you were eager for! New Genetics and Aquatic imports!
- Our new Markings now have guides (for more information, please see the changelog): Break, Glaze, Foam, Stargaze, Soot
- New Traits: Broad Horns, Plume ears, Wire Ears and Null Ears are now on the physical characteristics page!
- The following markings have been updated (for more information please see the changelog): Candied, Socks, Skunk, Wax, Painted, Clown, and Crested
- Jaded and Azured: A new possible occurrence in breeding, these are known as Color Anomalies and happen to common colored kukuri with rare colored parents!
- One new mutation has been added: Gills! This mutation is inheritable only! Perhaps there are more mutations to find?

Aquatic imports have been released. They are uploaded to our group's Google Drive, alongside all other imports. You no longer need to fight with or DeviantArt to download our imports from now on! You can now find all our imports here

Alongside these fun genetics updates, we have some other pages that received updates alongside them
- Rules and ToS: Rules regarding contacting admins and conduct when contacting admins has been updated. Please give those another read to ensure your'e up to date!
- The Admin team page has received a major facelift, it is now sorted differently and includes a lot of updated information!
- The breeding page is now significantly easier to read and sort through. It has updated breed pass rates as well!
- Further minor page updates can be found in the Changelog

And lastly, but certainly not least... as we promised when the event started, all queues are now reopened. But dont go rushing to post just yet! Some things have been adjusted to make things easier on our admins, and wait times shorter for you.
- Import updates now has a cooldown on the image update queue of one/day.
- Design corrections has a cooldown of one/day for the next 2-4 weeks (this will depend on a few factors and we will announce when the slowdown is lifted!)
- All designs going into Any queue going forward MUST follow new rules and information.
- The following queues have been reopened with the above rules:
- The following queues have been reopened with the above rules: Design approvals, Import updates, Open Treasures, Tribes/Guilds, Coliseum, and Letters

- Please send all scar applications to Import updates going forward. Image updates for scars will not be accepted through the healing thread anymore!

Well I did say it was a lot... but a ton of exciting stuff! With new stuff comes questions, so don't hesitate to ask! but with that, I once more crawl back to my hole in the ground.


Carnival of Life 2023 has ended! Here's info about reward claiming

The battling is over, my dear friends! During writing these news the safeguard hour has started, but after that the Carnival of Life 2023 is officially over! We've been surprised once again by this amazing community in bringing down a massive haul of aquatic starters and raising up together to challenge Life herself! We're still rolling the entries, so you need to wait a bit until we can catch up with you. For now, you can take a breather and relax for a moment. Pat yourself on the back a bit!

Just like in earlier years, reward claiming for the event will open once we've got all entries rolled! So please be patient with us, we try to tackle the queue as much as possible during these upcoming days. There's so much we have prepared for you, just you wait!

On more somber news, WateringStar has left from the admin team. We wish all well for them for upcoming future and hope to see them around again!

That is all for me today! We'll have more news coming very soon, so stay tuned!


Kukuri of the Month update and more regarding Life battle rewards

So soon I must be dragged out from my comfy hole to make news. I forgot to update Kukuri of the Month on last patch, so here you go! This time the winner was chosen by rng out of two kukuris so don't forget to vote on next month! The winner is our very lovable cult leader Omni 14153, owned by Unikeko! Congratulations!

We've also decided to give you a little treat to keep the battle going. You still can be included in semi-custom raffle at the end of the event if you do even just one entry! And what is better timing than attacking the big fish herself? The raffled semi-customs will start as aquatic kukuris and can NOT be downgraded! They'll have 5 gene points by default. If you don't wish to keep this semi but end up winning one anyway, you can surrended it back to the group to be re-raffled, because semi-custom winners cannot purchase another from Divine shop at the end of the year. This is to ensure that everyone will have a fair chance to get semi-custom!

Oh, regarding the last news about sending feedback to deviantArt about the stash descriptions, you can do so through this link! dA has made giving them feedback extremely confusing, so we thought it could use some clarifying.

This was rather short news, but important one anyway! I'll crawl back to my hole now, bye bye!


The battle against Life has started, please give the rules a re-read as they've been changed

It is time, my dear friends! The goddess has emerged from the ocean, with all her followers defeated, only she is standing between you and the watery world of hers. Defeating her will not be easy! During the first week, starting from these news, you are not even able to aim for her vulnerable head. You have to weaken her first by aiming all of her limbs and torso! Each one defeated will weaken her for the second week, so do your best to pick up the best fighters to aim for the correct spot, since they have their weaknesses as well. Remember, we all and Death herself are fighting alongside of you!

The rules have been changed, so please read them through again before hopping right into planning your entry! This is very important to avoid any kind of displeasure during these two busy weeks.

Like told last week, Design approval are closed during the battle against Life! It includes both approval and correction, as well as rebirths.

As of now, deviantArt has decided to make our lives a little more difficult by taking a huge part of stash away from us; you no longer can edit the stash image's description through stash writer! However, you can work around this by submitting the image to dA, editing the description and then clicking 'save and exit', instead of submit. Otherwise you can also make a comment under your image with the info you desire, but it cannot be edited after certain timestamp.
We are utterly disgusted by this change from dA's part, and now ask for community's help! Please send a feedback or bug report ticket to dA to roll back the stash writer, maybe together we can make a difference?

That is all for now! The battle will be fierce, but you've so far managed to fell all Life's followers with no problem at all. We believe in you all!