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Kukuris are lore based closed species, affectionally called "muppet raptors". With an open world we encourage you to take these fuzzy, ridable dinosaur-like creatures on the story only you can tell, train them, take them on adventures, and show us both the sad and the happy moments they experience.

If you are new to the ARPGs or Kukuris, the Newbie Guide is good place to familiarize yourself with.

Welcome to this kind and warm community, and follow along what else the future stories might hold!

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Semi-custom Raffle, Awards claiming close, AR updates
It's starting to get real hot outside, and while I'm sure some of us are roasting under the sun, I've got some fun (albeit quick) updates!

My favorite part of any event has come... raffle time! With the release of Aquatics, all semi-customs raffled going forward will start as prairies! Which brings me to the winners of these new semi-customs~
Congratulations to the lucky winners, you can find your proof here

With the raffle done, this means the Festival of Death Awards claims are closed! Thank you all who partook in the event this year!

Additionally, you'll need to forgive my lateness to rerolling this semi, but we had one more semi forfeited from the Aquatic raffle last winter. This rerolled semi goes to Qua-ttro! Hopefully you enjoy your new Aquatic. Your proof can be found here

The admin team has seen some changes in the last few weeks and with some sad news, Xenon-Amaki has left the team. We hope to still see them around the group!

Lastly, but certainly not least... Activities have gotten some fun updates.
--> Excavations now drop "Ancient Beast Skull (large or small)" rather than specific skulls.
--> All ARs now have a very rare chance of dropping their respective trait tokens! Thats right, Trait tokens are now obtainable in game after so long. This means in Traveling you have a small chance of getting a Discovery Expert trait token and vice versa for all ARs.

Thats all I've got for you for now. Carry on enjoying the sun and pride month. Im sure we have some fun things planned for the coming months so look forward to those!



Current Events/Quests

Monthly Quest June 2024

Show your Pride

Every year, throughout the month of June, we celebrate love and diversity. We celebrate shes, hes, theys, gays, no matter who they love or not. No matter the color of their skin, what they really are and feel matters.

So of course our beloved community and Kukus celebrate aswell! So gather up, show us your colors, show us whoever or whatever means the most to you!

Choose one of the colors and express, enjoy and most importantly spread love and kindness!
There are 8 prompts (+ one extra at the bottom) to pick from, all relating to colors from the pride flag. Remember to state the color you chose when submitting!

Join the celebrating and read more about the prompts from link below!

Click here to read more!
Each entry is eligible for +2FP bonus on each kukuri and has 70% chance to roll either Etherical rock, Celestial rock or Pixie rock!

Kukuri of the Month

May 2024

Ano 13149 owned by NoxxScales

"Ano is a sly and evil Iri, Lumi kukuri. I love the lore he has and happy to be involved with the lore too! I am curious on what his childhood was like and want to hear more from him..."


"Just Look at him! I love the iri, lumi on this guy~! He's so stunning!!!"


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