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Kukuris are lore based closed species, affectionally called "muppet raptors". With an open world we encourage you to take these fuzzy, ridable dinosaur-like creatures on the story only you can tell, train them, take them on adventures, and show us both the sad and the happy moments they experience.

If you are new to the ARPGs or Kukuris, the Newbie Guide is good place to familiarize yourself with.

Welcome to this kind and warm community, and follow along what else the future stories might hold!

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Festival of Death 2024 is live, new updates on the group rules, reminders from activity and FP counting team, monthly update and beauty contest winners! Remember, the admin applications close soon!

It is April once again, and you know what that means? It's time for Festival of Death! Death has requested us all to gather and tidy up the place as she is looking forward for Her dear sister to be reborn. Once again magic is free to be portrayed for all of the kukuris and we're looking forward of seeing all of your entries! Head to the website to read more!
Unfortunately due to dA's changing how the groups work, we are unable to add timer on the front page this year. We try to keep it up and running in the website however!

We've also updated couple rules around the group!
Terms of Service page got a new addition; If you are selling an import, the PSD comes with it! You may NOT charge extra for it or sell the file separately. The only time you are not expected to hand the PSD over is in the event that the file was lost or deleted!
Breeding rule #5 about slots got an extension; If the owner of a slot you gave wishes to return the slot, do NOT delete the comment containing the slot permission. Rather the slot owner should reply to the permission stating their intent to return it.

The admin applications are open, but only for a little bit! We'll close them at 15th of April, so if you desire to join our merry band of misfits as activity roller or FP counter, please send us an application found from here! We truly need your help!

Then as usual, couple reminders to ease everyone's life.
Activity rollers would like to ask that people avoid making just barely legal, small kukuris in the artworks. It makes them hard to judge and may subsequently slow down the queue! Making the kukuri bigger than 150x150 has always been a rule, but it doesn't mean it should be taken literally, hehe!
Groups are not the only thing dA has ruined; unfortunately we no longer can perform bulk countings for kukuris if their old tracker is stored in stash. It seems all of the images have been removed from the comments, and there is no really easy way to get them visible anymore (unless you've provided text links to each artwork or literature). If you have larger bulks, please remember to submit them to status updates in 100-200 FP chunks to keep the queue rolling and ease the work of our fellow admins.

Like usually, Breeding is again openKukuri of the Month voting is open and Monthly Quest has been put on hiatus until the event is over! The winner of this vote was the pie-loving Pardis 15195, owned by SpaceCinna! Congratulations!
If you wonder why they won instead of the kukuri who got more votes, the owner of said kukuri requested not to put their kukuri up as a winner.

Last but not least, Beauty Contest was rolled and the winners this time are PriestessShizuka, Luna-Amina and SpaceCinna! Take part to the new theme that is this time Camping!

We've got couple snowy days still here where I live and all I request is more warmth so it doesn't happen anymore! Let's hope the celebrating in Festival of Death would turn the world a bit towards the sun.



Current Events/Quests


There was a sense of excitement as the decorations of orange flowers and small skulls were put up, adorning both the festival area and the homes of those who desired to do so. Everyone was curious to see the newborn Life, who hadn’t been seen since the fight against Her where she was reduced to a tiny glowing spirit.

Monthly Quest will take a break during the event from 1st of April to 31st of May!

Join the celebrating and read more about the prompts from link below!

Click here to read more!
Each entry is eligible for +2FP bonus on each kukuri and you'll be rewarded with a feather of Death, which can be exchanged into goods at the end of the event!

Kukuri of the Month

May 2024

Maya 9003 owned by PriestessShizuka

"Look at this cutie! such a good pupper! I just love seeing them around~! Really brightens up my day <3"


"She's a good girl. But really, she has a lot of personality in the art Shizuka has made of her, and her mods are so well done."


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