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Kukuris are lore based closed species, affectionally called "muppet raptors". With an open world we encourage you to take these fuzzy, ridable dinosaur-like creatures on the story only you can tell, train them, take them on adventures, and show us both the sad and the happy moments they experience.

If you are new to the ARPGs or Kukuris, the Newbie Guide is good place to familiarize yourself with.

Welcome to this kind and warm community, and follow along what else the future stories might hold!

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Monthly update with new quest, Kukuri of the Month and new mutation
Man, pride month went by way too fast. Still, it's always nice to continue celebration, right? The date doesn't dismiss the pride month, I do---

Today's the regular monthly update like usually at the start of the month. Breeding is open for July, and Monthly Quest has received a new prompts with a brand new background set! The finished product is still a bit mystery for us all, but the team assures it's worth it. Sparkly and beautiful like other backgrounds, so take part, won't you?

Kukuri of the Month voting has concluded, and this time we found a winner from a blue beauty, Kuunkielo 601, owned by seepranne! The raffle price (10,000 Cr with 5 votes) went for Ace574! Congratulations you both!

Last month we also saw a new mutation drop; Faux! This non-heritable mutation is dropped completely randomly and allows kukuri to display dominant marking, even if they don't have one! Go check the page for more information!

Divine shop has been closed for the summer! Thank you a huge amount for everyone again for directly supporting the group and team behind it! We apologize for the long wait with the invoices and purchases, but like always, we'll come around to handle them! There'sad just one admin handling them at the moment, so that is why it's been quite slow. I hope you understand!

That's it for today. Short and sweet (and still I fought with the code like 30 minutes for this...), just like I am. Remember to drink a lots of water during these summer days! Your hydration depends on it!



Current Events/Quests

Monthly Quest July 2024

Crystal Times

There was no rumor... there was no grand story this time. No, rather you found yourself tumbling head over tail down a crack in the earth. The cavern you found yourself in is nothing short of astounding however... like a star or alien world, the whole cavern is made of crystals and shines brightly with what little light enters its depths.
Now this certainly is something, is'nt it?

Join the mystery and read more about the prompts from link below!

Click here to read more!
Each entry is eligible for +2FP bonus on each kukuri and has 30% chance to roll new Crystal Caverns background set!

Kukuri of the Month

July 2024

Kuunkielo 601 owned by seepranne

"I love how her bio keeps growing and intertwines with both a multitude of kukuri but also integrates every event as well as the kukuri pantheon into her story so well and naturally. Everything is given meaning like a piece to the puzzle falling into place and it's fascinating."


"The well loved kukuri who has integrated the unfortunate event of contamination seamlessly into her story. Also her shroomie is cute, fight me."


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