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Kukuris are lore based closed species, affectionally called "muppet raptors". With an open world we encourage you to take these fuzzy, ridable dinosaur-like creatures on the story only you can tell, train them, take them on adventures, and show us both the sad and the happy moments they experience.

If you are new to the ARPGs or Kukuris, the Newbie Guide is good place to familiarize yourself with.

Welcome to this kind and warm community, and follow along what else the future stories might hold!

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CoL scars becoming reality and admin hiring is open!
Surprise, I bet you didn't expect me to appear so soon again! Well, these news are a little smaller than the previous one, but important still to break out.

First and foremost, kukuris who received scars from last year's Carnival of Life have been scarred! If your kukuri was not in import updates or in healing thread, they've received a scar. You can still craft a suture kit to remove them later! Remember though that large scars will still require stitches to be applied, otherwise the kukuri has 50% chance to catch a nasty infection whenever they're send to activities!

We've opened admin applications! If you like numbers, this position might suite you, as we're looking for one or two FP counters! Please check the requirements from here and send a note to Kuku-ri to apply, using a filled form found from here!

That's it, gotta go!


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Something quite ethereal… magical even, seems to be following you. Not closely, it's skittish and hides from you. But from what you can gather… it's cat like in form, even formed of magic, all cats act the same right? Maybe you can earn this curious kitty’s trust…

Choose one of the prompts from the list below.

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Each entry is eligible for +2FP bonus on each kukuri and has 20% chance to roll new Mokta familiar!

Kukuri of the Month

February 2024

Maxima 15209 owned by FallingFireX

''I find it hard not to fall in love with Maxima, not just her design and personality but the beautifully crafted story of her life. She has great depth to her and I think you can really feel how loved she is from the small details, which are put into her story.
She is truly striking and I think you've done amazing with her, Fall. I look forward to seeing more of her journey unfold :3''


''Been lurking in the shadows and following this girl's journey. It's really inspiring to see how much love and effort that have been put into this beautiful girl and I can't wait to see what the future holds for her ;W;''


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