Kukuri Genetics and Mutations

Kukuris come in many different colors and with many different markings. Every kuku is unique and this is the place to learn more about them.

If you don't know how to read a genotype yet, visit the design guide for more information!

Some markings are different rarities for Aquatics!
🌢 = Common     🌢 = Uncommon     🌢 = Rare

Common ★

Banding BdBd/nBd
Blanket BlBl/nBl
Border BrBr/nBr
Break BkBk/nBk
Bubble BuBu/nBu
Collar CoCo/nCo
Dalmatian DaDa/nDa
Dun DD/nD
Flank FlFl/nFl 🌢
Glaze GzGz/nGz
Gradient GrGr/nGr
Haze HzHz/nHz
Hood HH/nH
Pangare PgPg/nPg
Ringed RiRi/nRi
Sable SbSb/nSb
Shadow SwSw/nSw
Skunk SkSk/nSk
Smoke SmSm/nSm
Socks SoSo/nSo
Tailwind TwTw/nTw
Underbelly UU/nU
Viper VrVr/nVr
Uncommon ★★

Candied CnCn/nCn
Foam FoFo/nFo
Laced LcLc/nLc 🌢
Magma MgMg/nMg
Marbled MbMb/nMb 🌢
Mirage MrMr/nMr
Okapi OkOk/nOk
Painted PP/nP 🌢
Panda PaPa/nPa
Patched PaTPaT/nPaT
Piebald PldPld/nPld
Ribs RbRb/nRb
Ripple RpRp/nRp
Rosette RoRo/nRo 🌢
Siamese SiSi/nSi
Snowflake SfSf/nSf
Stargaze SgSg/nSg
Striped StSt/nSt
Wax WxWx/nWx 🌢
Rare ★★★

Calico CaCa/nCa
Clown ClCl/nCl 🌢
Crested CrCr/nCr
Eidos EdEd/nEd 🌢
Heart HrHr/nHr
Inked InkInk/nInk
Iridescent IrIr/nIr
Koi KK/nK 🌢
Luminescent LuLu/nLu
Mosaic McMc/nMc
Rune RnRn/nRn
Soot SotSot/nSot
Spotted SpSp/nSp
Wisp WiWi/nWi


Inheritable only

Color anomalies